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QuickLook Source

Class App
Inherits Application
// Constants
Const kFileQuitShortcut = Ctrl+Q
Const kFileQuit = E&xit
Const kEditClear = &Delete
End Class

Class Window1
Inherits Window
// Event implementations
Sub Open()
me.AcceptFileDrop FileTypes1.AllFiles
me.AcceptFileDrop FileTypes1.Folder
me.AcceptFileDrop FileTypes1.Disc

End Sub
Sub DropObject(obj As DragItem, action As Integer)
if obj.FolderItemAvailable then
run obj.FolderItem
end if
loop until not obj.NextItem
End Sub

// Methods
Sub run(file as folderitem)

// show icon


// show quicklook icon


// show quicklook preview


if Backdrop=nil then // no QuickLook Plugin?
end if
End Sub
End Class

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